BASAbali is a nonprofit organization empowering communities in Indonesia and elsewhere to strengthen local languages, culture, and the environment.
Mei has been working with BASAbali since 2019, leading a multitude of initiatives. These include authoring an educational children’s book centered around the environment, founding the BASAbali Youth Leadership Council, and developing an environmental curriculum for high schoolers in the US and Indonesia.

Saxons Go Green (SGG)

Saxons Go Green is a school-affiliated club at Langley High School that leads the student body in environmental action and advocacy.
As Vice President of SGG, Mei promotes environmental awareness among her fellow classmates through fundraisers, student-led discussions with school administration, and collaboration with local, environmental non-profits such as Clean Fairfax.

Potomac Conservancy

Potomac Conservancy is a local nonprofit organization based in D.C. and leads the region in clean water advocacy. As part of the organization’s Volunteer Leadership Team, Mei hosts and leads multiple park trash clean-ups with her community members.
These events bring together people of all ages dedicated to cleaning their environment, raise awareness about the importance of clean water and reducing waste, and fight toward a greener Earth.

Chinese American Museum (CAMDC)

The Chinese American Museum, located in DC, is dedicated to preserving, exhibiting, and leading a meaningful dialogue about the Chinese American experience — its history, culture, and contributions.
As an intern during her sophomore year summer, Mei conducted public and private tours for the museum, specializing in tours to school children. She additionally researched and assisted the Executive Director in authoring a book, celebrating Chinese heritage.