Potomac Conservancy Cleanups

Throughout the year, Potomac Conservancy, a non-profit organization in the DC metro area, hosts several cleanups led by volunteers. These events are open to everyone and offer opportunities for individuals to take action toward a cleaner community.

I am a member of Potomac Conservancy’s Volunteer Leadership Team (VLT) which leads and hosts these cleanup events. The VLT is “comprised of community leaders in the DC metro area and beyond who are dedicated to supporting Potomac Conservancy’s local movement for clean water.” (Potomac Conservancy) Collaborating with fellow volunteers, I’m able to gather community members of all ages across the area who are passionate about sustainability and lead them in a cleanup of local parks, forests, and rivers. By spearheading these hands-on stewardship events, I’m leading the movement across the metropolitan area toward a greener community, one clean-up at a time.

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